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Atlas Electric stocks a large inventory of new, surplus and reconditioned low and medium voltage switchgear. In addition we are distributors and original equipment manufacturers utilizing switchgear components from many of the world’s most popular brands. Our OEM switchgear is designed and manufactured to provide years of safe, trouble free service and meet or exceed all applicable ANSI, IEEE and NEMA standards. We can provide custom engineered solutions at competitive prices with shorter deliveries than the large manufacturers.

Medium Voltage Metal Clad Switchgear

Medium Voltage Load Interrupter Switches

Low Voltage Metal Enclosed Switchgear

Low Voltage Switchboards and Panelboards


Photo gallery of our recent Switchgear Projects. Click on any photo to view a larger image.

NEW SURPLUS 15 KV 1200 Amp ABB Safegear Metal Clad Switchgear 2-high section with PT drawer, 1200 amp Advac Circuit Breaker, Multilin F35 Feeder Protection Relay Package, 6 each 800:5 CT’s (3-line and 3-load side) and wiring provisions for connection of customer supplied synchronising relay. Atlas Electric provided two identical units.  

Siemens type GM-SG Indoor Metal-Clad 5KV Switchgear and Series 81000 Medium Voltage Motor Control Center with the following major components: 2000 amp GMSG main-tie-main vacuum circuit breakers with Schweitzer  SEL-751A and GE Multilin 850 Feeder Protection Relays, two each 720 amp  4000HP FVNR vacuum starters with  GE Multilin 350 Feeder Protection Relays, nine each 400 amp FVNR vacuum starters with Schweitzer 869 Feeder Protection Relays, six each 400 amp FVNR vacuum starters with GE Multilin 350 Feeder Protection Relays. The switchgear and MCC also included the integration of an Arc Flash Detection System.      

Atlas Electric Custom Manufactured 15 KV Outdoor Skid Mounted Automatic Transfer Switch with the following major components and features:

Atlas Electric Custom Manufactured Outdoor Load Break Switch Lineup, 600 amp, 5 KV with a main fused load break switch and three feeder fused switches. The feeder switches come with stored energy mechanisms for opening switches in the event of a blown fuse.   

Atlas Electric Custom Manufactured Medium Voltage Switchgear with the following major components:

Custom fabricated skid mounted low voltage outdoor walk-in switch-house with reconditioned Westinghouse DS-II switchgear. The switchgear included 3200 amp main-tie-main electrically operated draw-out circuit breakers and 4 each 1600 amp electrically operated draw-out feeder circuit breakers. Additionally, the main and feeder breakers came with cam-lock cable connectors wired to exterior of the enclosure to facilitate the quick moving and re-connection of the switchgear.       

Reconditioned General Electric PowerVac 5KV 1200 Amp  Outdoor Metalclad Switchgear with the following major components:

15 KV Skid Mounted Portable Switchgear with the following major components: 15 KV 600 Amp Non-Fusible Load Break Switch, 2 each Line Power 15 KV 600 Amp Vacuum Circuit Breaker with Multilin 350 Feeder Protection Relays, 5 KVA Control Power Transformer 13800-120/240 Volt with Secondary Distribution Panel, 2 each Pemco 579A Ground Check Monitors, PQMII Power Quality Meter. (16650)  

2000 amp 480 Volt Power Distribution Center with the following major components:

Portable Skid Mounted 15 KV 600 Amp Vacuum Circuit Breaker with the following major components:

Reconditioned General Electric Power Vac 5 KV Metal Clad Switchgear with the following major components:

PCI 5 KV 600 amp Outdoor Switchgear Lineup with the following custom features and modifications:

-2 each 600 amp Incoming Main Fusible Load Interrupter Switches with Kirk Key Interlocking, Surge Arrestors and Strip Heaters

-Utility Metering Section with test switch, 5 KVA CPT, 120/240 volt Distribution Panel, Strip Heaters

-600 amp Non-Fusible Load Interrupter Switch with Toshiba HV6AS-L 630 amp Electrically Operated Vacuum Circuit Breaker, GE MIFII Feeder Protection Relay, CPT, DC Power Supply, Capacitor Trip Device, and Strip Heaters 

Atlas Electric 5 KV 600 Amp Mine Duty  Switchgear with the following major components: ABB 5 KV 600 Amp  Non Fused Load Break Switch, Toshiba HV6CS-L-AV 600 Amp Vacuum Circuit Breaker, Schweitzer 751 Feeder Protection Relay, GE PQMII Power Quality Meter,  Startco  Ground Fault Ground Check Monitor.

Atlas Electric/ABB 5 KV, 600 amp, Non-Fused Manual Transfer Switch with Kirk-Key Interlocking and Heavy Duty N-3R Gasketed Enclosure.

Reconditioned Powell 5 KV 600 Amp Outdoor Skid Mounted Switchgear lineup with Incoming Fused Load Break Switch, 3 each Feeder Fused Load Break Switches, 10 KVA 4160-480/120 volt Dry Transformer and Lighting Panel.

Reconditioned S&C 15 KV 600 amp Outdoor Switchgear Lineup with 3 each Fused Load Break Switches and 15 KV Surge Arrestors. 

Unit Substation Switchgear Lineup with 2 each ABB 15 KV 600 amp Main Load Break Switches, 1 each ABB 15 KV 600 amp Tie Non-Fused Load Break Switch, 2 each Becker SMC 15 KV 600 amp Feeder Vacuum Circuit Breakers with Visible Disconnect. Breakers come with GE Multilin MIFII Overcurrent Relays, Pemco High Voltage Ground Fault Ground Check Monitor and Capacitor Trip Device. The Switchgear also includes Startco SE 325 Neutral Grounding Resistor Monitor and 15 KVA Control Power Transformer 12,470-120/240 volt with Distribution Panel. 

Reconditioned Siemens Type RL Metal Enclosed Switchgear Lineup with RL 3200 Main Circuit Breaker and six each RL 800 Feeder Circuit Breakers. All breakers equipped with Static Trip III Solid State Relay’s and the lineup also included a PQMII Power Quality Meter.